Chatter about my enthusiasm

Did I just say, that I’ll take my last two test and I’ll relax? Well, it’s not happening. This week will be as busy as the last week was, but I don’t care about it as much as I did last week. That’s because the school report is done and all I’ll do this week will be counting to the next half of school year. So I can totally fail it and it’ll be alright. Although the last week was pretty busy, I think I experienced the best week of… whoa… last six months? Or a year? I don’t know, nevermind. It was freaking awesome. Here’s a list of all I was doing:

– I was in a tea room with my schoolmates.
– When I was in the tea room (and even after the visit) I had a very weird, philosophical, open and honest mood, so I was hugging everyone and telling them creepy things. Something like I’m glad I have them… erg.
– By the way, I’m not very hugging person and I never tell people (even friends) things like that. That’s why it was so strange.
– I had a very interesting chat with my mum
– I made her cry. I told her I love her and I appreciate everything she’s doing for me and stuff like that.
– I found out, that I made my last tests excellent. Even the test from Physics… *applause*
– It means I’ll have a straight-A school report. Oh, you don’t have to clap.
– Me and my friends decided to have a legendary summer. We’ll have a lot of garden parties, we’ll go swimming at night and soooo on.
– Mum told me, that she’s proud of me and that she believes me.
– She also decided to let me go to the tea room whenever I want… and make a birthday party with some drinks… and go to the campsite in summer with my best friend… for two days… alone… on bikes… fifty kilometres away from our house.
– She also decided to let me go on the meeting with people from HOCZ. She LET ME go away for the WEEKEND with people she DOESN’T KNOW! Weird, weird, weird, weird…
– Oh, and she also let me go to Majáles (student festival, very famous in our country).
– And she also let me try sheesha.
– Don’t you know, what’s wrong with my mum? She decided to let me do so many things… I don’t know what to think about it.
– I received a postcard from my mate from Britain! ^^
– Czech biathlon team was second in the women’s relay race! Woohoo!
– My HOCZ character probably fell in love. It’s really funny to play that.

Well, it’s still not everything that happened in this week, but I hope you can feel my enthusiasm. And if not, then… I don’t know. Just read it again.

Adios, amigos, I have to study!


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