Ordinary happiness


Hi, guys! How are you doing? Well, I’m quite tired and exhausted, but also very happy! On Friday, I did three tests and I think I succeed, so yeah! I also finished my seminar work, finally. On Monday, there will be last two tests and then, I’ll just relax and go to the tea room with my schoolmates. I’m so glad tomorrow it’ll behind me… you wouldn’t believe.

Yesterday, I spend a half of afternoon with my grandparents. I’ll have birthday really soon and at the same time, grandma will be at surgery, so she wanted to meet me before. We were chatting, grandpa was watching Biathlon World Cup and we spend a truly great time together.
Grandma: Are you hungry?
Me: No, I’m not, thanks.
Grandma: I’ve got a cake for ya.
Me: No, I’m really not hungry. It’s okay.
Grandma: Or cookies… do you want cookies?
Me: No, grandma, I don’t want anything.
Grandma: You should eat something! So what about tea?
Me: Yeah, tea would be great, but sit down, I’ll do it.
Granda: Nono, you sit down, I’ll make a tea and I’ll bring a cake.
Me. I’m not hungry, I swear!

I left grandparents about 4.40 pm and at 5.00 pm I had to be in sports hall, because I had floorball. I was in hurry and I ran home (from grandparents, it’s about kilometer or kilometer and a half). After floorball (where I wasn’t much successful), I came back home, took a shower and went on computer. I played HOCZ and guys… it was really smashing. I was laughing so hard, but my character Annie probably experienced one of most terrifying evenings in her life. I think I mentally ruined her. 😀

However this is just a part of my happiness (ruining my HOCZ character isn’t very related to happiness, but I enjoyed it, so…), because this week I received package from my awesome friend, which included stuff from Britain. She sent me a lovely letter, Jelly Babies (which is very famous and favourite meal of the Doctor) and a postcard from Harry Potter Studios. I am so excited! Again thank you very much, Ivana, if you’re reading this! 🙂



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