50+1 Facts About Me

1) My name’s Veronika, but I sometimes use nickname Annie, which is connected to my second name Anna.
2) I’m the youngest person of my class.
3) Although I should go to school in Brno and wake up much later, I decided to continue study in Vyškov.
4) …just because of my friends and some teachers.
5) I have a very good relationship with some teachers. They’re three, actually.
6) I’m in the first year of high school, although I should be at primary school.
7) …because I jumped over one year of studying. Yeeey!
8) My best friend is called Iva.
9) We’ve known each other for 5 years, but we became truly good friens just like 2 years ago.
10) I have also one very good friend, called Jarda.
11) We became friends 5 years ago.
12) I’m really thankful for having friends like them.
13) When I was six, I wrote a story about Indians. I’m very proud of that story until now.
14) I adore writing and telling stories.
15) I’m an absolute dullard on creating poems.
16) I can sing quite well.
17) I sang at concert once. We were kinda succesful, but we couldn’t continue, beacuse we didn’t have money for that and our “manager” didn’t have time.
18) I always sing in the shower.
19) Hot shower is the best way for relax.
20) However black tea and chocolate are also very good.
21) Earl Grey is like my drug.
22) I adore tea as I adore everything british. Even the weather, guys!
23) I love british actors and their accents.
24) My most favourite actors are David Tennant and Martin Freeman.
25) My most favourite series are Doctor Who and Sherlock.
26) My favourite Doctor is Peter Capaldi’s, though.
27) Except Doctor Who and Sherlock, I also watch Broadchurch, Fargo, Penny Dreadful and Gracepoint and I’ve seen few episodes of Merlin, Hannibal, Supernatural and The Mentalist.
28) I’m little bit bookworm too.
29) I’m not able to decide which book is my most favourite. It can be Harry Potter or Pope Joan, but also White Fang, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and The Cuckoo’s Calling.
30) I’m kinda adventurous, though.
31) Cycling and camping, that’s my favourite idea of great summer.
32) I share a school locker with my best friend. It’s quite funny, because it looks like altar of David Tennant.
33) Yesterday, I’ve met new blog-friend (hi, Becca!) and new friend from Australia (hi, Jason!). You’re awesome, guys. 🙂
34) I’m always trying to be positive person.
35) I’m also trying to be fit.
36) …and I’m satisfied with my body, although I’m not on weight I want to have.
37) My personal quote is “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happend.”
38) Other one is “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”
39) I’m always the second. I don’t remember if I’ve ever been first in something.
40) …it annoys me sometimes.
41) I have two lovely dogs. The bigger one, Long-haired German Shepherd, is called Jesina or just Jess. The small one, Alpine Dachsbracke, is called Dorina.
42) I wanna have a leopard gecko.
43) I hate arrogant people, dried apples, hot air and people, who have Iphone in their hands every single moment of their day.
44) If you want to invite me to dinner, then make/order china. (It’s the meal you can see below. Oh, and I prefer chinese noodles than rice.)

45) I love cucumbers, peppers and watermelons.
46) I have older brother. When we were younger, we used to scuffle all the time, but now, I really love him. He’s such a fantastic brother.
47) His girlfriend is awesome. She’s something like my sister.
48) My mum is always here for me and I’m very thankful. Love her too.
49) My dad is very funny. We always have a lot of laugh. Especially when we prank mum together.
50) I want to be a journalist or a translator.
51) …or a Time Lord. 😀


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