Dreamer’s Resolutions #1

Some of you will maybe say that New Year’s resolutions are boring and that thay doesn’t mean anyting, because people usually don’t comply them. I agree with you, because that’s obviously what I think about these things people do on New Year. However, there’s still little part of me, which wants to do it. To have something you should do this year, to have some purpose. Unfortunately, I agree with this little part of me too. People should have the purpose, which they want to live for. What’s the result then? It’s easy. I know I wouldn’t comply a resolution for whole year. I tried it many times and I failed every year. This year, it’ll be different, because I want to do my own resolutions for every month. Just small resolutions, which will make me happy, not anything huge. I’ll post them every first of the month and in every following resolution post, I’ll valorize the previous one. So let’s stop this typing-about-nothing and let’s get to my resolution for January.

1) To go to the tea room.
2) To enjoy a day with my friends (cinema, theatre, film night, whatever).
3) To read The Picture of Dorian Gray.
4) To re-read Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.
5) To re-read The Hobbit.
6) To read any Doctor Who Quick Read.
7) To write czech book reviews.
8) To have brilliant school report.


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