Christmas presents

Well, Christmas is gone. Although it was quite quick, I enjoyed it. On Christmas Eve my brother and his girlfriend arrived, so we had a great time together. For dinner we had a carp and a potato salad, which is typical Christmas Eve meal in my country. After the dinner, we went to the living room, where was Christmas tree and presents! There were a lot (I mean a loooot) of presents. The pile of presents was bigger than the tree! Well, I should say our tree is about 50 cm high, hih. ^^ And as you probably already know, today it’ll be about presents I got!

The best things I have seen under the tree were eight (oh yeah!) books. Six short books with Doctor Who stories and two huge books by J. K. Rowling (The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Casual Vacancy). I was…well, I’m so excited! I also received two diaries; interesting “thing” about my name, its origin, my character and so on; sneakers for floorball; many pairs of fluffy socks (I really wished them, I swear); pyjamas; beautiful tropical candle; incense and some money. I hope I didn’t forget anything. So I’m absolutely satisfied with my presents and I also hope others liked presents from me. They looked like they did.
And here are my books, because I have to show you:



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