Let’s move

Christmas is nearly here and it’s also known as holiday of food, because there are lots of biscuits, Coca Cola, fat meals and so on. If we want to spend Christmas without dieting and without gaining weight, we should do some sports or workouts. In last few months I absolutely fell in love with workouts and I adore the feeling what I have after the workouts, so I decided to do workouts on holidays too. And also share it with you.

I actually have two workouts, which I do every day. The first one is plank challenge. It seems quite simple, but it’s not. in first few days it is simple, you’re right, but can you imagine day 30 and 5 minutes plank? Although it will probably kill me, it’s challenge and I accepted it.30-day-plank-challengeTo do perfect plank is also quite difficult. What you can see on the picture isn’t very good plank, because you should be straight as ruler. Everything you have to do is stay in this position, put weight on your arms, have shoulders right above elbows, stand on tiptoes and tilt your head to horizontal position.In case you didn’t get it, here’s nice video 🙂

The second workout I do is my individual. It works primary on your arms, thighs, abs and buttocks. These are two rounds with six exercises and it takes twelve minutes. After every exercise are 5 seconds of rest and between rounds there are 10 seconds. You should also do some cardio before workout and stretching after workout, to increase the efficiency.


And how to do these exercises?



Triceps push ups


Push ups


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