How I lost my wallet and myself in one day


Hello, everyone! Finally, I’m back, making another post for my blog. In last few days so many interesting, funny and incredible things happened, but describing of my whole week would be for a book. However, let’s take a brief.
Monday was quite ordinary, but we had just four lessons, so I came home at 12.30, which is incredibly soon. At 16.00, I had a part-time job and I also decided to go to a tea room on Wednesday.
On Tuesday we also had less lessons than it’s common. We had only eight lessons (which means we finished at 14:50). We were hardly training for our theater scene (I play teacher!) and I also learned that if I’m not going to ski training, I still need to go skiing and I will have to write a seminar paper. It sucks.
Well, on Wednesday we shown our theater scene to organizators of this event and they said it’s great, funny and that they really like it. I’m so proud! Now, I have to learn my text very very well to not fail it, play the scene and then… just relax. I hope it’ll be great and people will like it.
However, Wednesday was a really bad day. In the morning, when I was leaving the house, I realized that I don’t have my wallet. Normally I wouldn’t deal with it but I had to pay special ticket, so… I quickly ran back and I was looking for it, but I couldn’t find it. So I lent some money from mum. In the afternoon I went to the tea room. Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam, so dad let me get off few streets from the tea room. I thought I’ll find the tea room immediately, but few moment later, I found out that I have literally no idea where I am. So I was lost. I was walking along streets and hoping I’ll find the right one or just the one I know. Then I asked some man, who was passing, and he told me where it is. Unfortunately again, he was wrong and I was I-don’t-know-where again. I don’t know how, but I found the street and went to the tea room, finally. When I came, I found out that there’s no one I know. I asked the staff if there’s any reservation and they said there isn’t. After that, I left the tea room and called my friend, who should be here, but she didn’t answer the phone. Then I called dad to come back and we went home. Few hours later I found out that I had a wrong number and in the evening before the Wednesday, friends decided to go to another tea room, because they couldn’t do the reservation. Well, I would say just one word. Fu*k.
Thursday was a very long day, because we had 9 lessons. It’s murder. I was also little bit tired, frustrated and sad because of Wednesday evening, so Thursday was just a day when you want to survive and not to enjoy.
And finally, Friday! A very special day. It’s been my last day in the school in year 2014 and also the day, when I’ve been giving and receiving presents from my schoolmates. I’ve received a little bell, a figure of elephant and sign of my favourite ice-hockey team HC Kometa Brno! I’ll show you later in special post. In the afternoon I’ve been in Brno with mum. We’ve been shopping, getting Christmas mood and I ‘ve been taking photos, too. Just a few.
So… Merry Christmas everyone!



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