Christmas wishlist


It’s just 15 days until Christmas and I think it’s time for presents. I actually have only one present and it’s for my brother’s girlfriend. I won’t tell you what is it yet, because I think my brother is regular reader of my blog, but I will describe you all the presents, which I will give to my family, don’t worry. However, today it will be about what I want for Christmas. This year, I decided to be unassuming and let my family enjoy Christmas with great mood, love and just the Christmas atmosphere and not make them feel stressed, because they don’t have a present for me. So… let’s have a look on my Christmas wish list.

1) A Chistmas jumper with reindeer

2) Fluffy socks

3) First book: J. K. Rowling – Casual Vacancy

4) Second book: Robert Galbraith (but actually J. K. Rowling too) – Cuckoo’s calling

5) Books from Doctor Who edition ‘Quick reads’… english.

6) Thermocup for coffee

So I think I’m not so demanding. I don’t want a new phone, although my phone ended in washing machine and is broken. I have an old phone (I had this one when I was 9, I think) and I’m absolutely okay with that. I can call someone, send a message and that’s all I need. I also don’t want a notebook, although my PC isn’t working very well and I have to repair it actually about three times a month. I’m okay with that. I also don’t want anything too expensive – a jumper, socks, books and thermocup. And I should also say that there are tips for all my family (I mean… parents, brother and girlfriend, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) When I told my friend at school, she looked really uncomprehendingly.
‘Is that really all you want for Christmas?’
‘Oh, not at all.’
‘I also want to enjoy Christmas without stress with presents, have a wonderful time with my family, eat a lot of sweets, listen to carols and… just… I just want quiet, friendly and wonderful Christmas.’
And my friend looked like she will call to psychiatric hospital. šŸ˜€

So I have a message for you. Don’t be stressed and have a wonderful Chistmas time. ^^


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