Christmas markets

Hellooo! After more than a week, I’m again here. I’m quite happy, that people were visiting my blog although I didn’t write anything so maybe I’ve got some regular readers. If you’re one of them, thank you! But now, lets talk about what I was doing yesterday. Well, actually, I was on Christmas markets, because my mom, aunt, grandma and her friend had a booth there. I helped them, sold some things and I was also giving people some business cards (my aunt has a firm). Maybe some of you are asking: ‘And what were you selling?’ We were selling handmade products – mum was selling baskets and wreaths; aunt was selling pillows and home decorating stuff; grandma was selling crocheted bells and grandma’s friend was selling pillows too. So a lot of home decorations and Christmas stuff. We finished at 5:00 pm and we went to aunt’s house to get tea, coffee (adults had a whisky and plum brandy ^^) and at 8:00 pm, there was a firework. Brother and his girlfriend went to the chateau park already at 7:00 and at 7:45 I said I’m leaving, because I wanna see it too. Parents and the rest of my family said they don’t want to go, because they have already seen it many times, so I went alone. And, guys, it was soo exciting. It started at 8:10 and finished at 9:10. This year, it was kinda special, because usually the firework is in the middle of city, but yesterday, it was in the chateau park, so it was much more beautiful. Photos will tell you more than I can with words, so enjoy as much as you can.
(Open for higher quality.)12 10 8 9 7 11 6 3 4 5 1 2


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