My common day

Well, I really wanna write something (you should be surprised) so… why not about my common day? Actually, I think you’re not interested in things like that, but this blog is primarily for me and my training of writing, English and all that stuff, so, yeah, today’s post will be about my day.

So usually, I get up about 6:00am. I have a breakfast (cereales with milk, or something like that and a big  cup of black tea) and then I go to bathroom, where I dress up and do all the morning things like everyone other. About 6:30am I leave the house and I go to the bus station. The bus leaves at 6:40am. In the bus I usually sleep, read, chat with someone or just think about something very unimportant. I arrive to Vyškov, where I study, about 7:15 and I go to school. Classes begin at 8:00am and usually (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), it’s to 4:00pm. Bus leaves 4:15pm and the bus trip takes a hour, so I come home about 5:30pm. On Monday and Friday, we finish the school sooner (3:00pm), but I’ve also got a part-time job – I teach Czech language, Maths and English. ^^  So after school or teaching, at 6:00pm, I do my homeworks and all that stuff to school, eat and I go to the computer. Then I do other stuff to school and also chat with friends, play HOCZ, write something to the blog, watch videos, listen to audiobooks… or everything together. After, about 8:00pm, I have another food (but actually just a tea or coffee) and learn for test, read or stay on the computer. I go to bed about 10 or 11pm, but sometimes it’s also about 1am… it depends on every single day (and HOCZ). So that’s it. Every day, I’m coming home in the dark, absolutely tired and with no desire to do something.. but I have to. And that’s also the reason why I write to blog so little. So don’t be so annoying (especially you, Jarda) and let me take a rest. This blog is not my obligation, it should be my hobby and now, it seems more like an obligation. So, please, understand it. I don’t wanna be rude, but I think I have to.


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