Things I can’t live without #2

Well, I decided to write another post “Thing I can’t live without” because the last was like month ago, I think. I was thinking for a very long time, what I’ll write about now and then I decided to write today’s post about things I really really really can’t live without. And so are books.

Maybe it’s little bit mainstream (my god, I hate this word), but it’s still one of my biggest… one of my biggest i-don’t-know-what. I’d say hobby, but it’s more like a part of myself, part of my soul. Books are parts of me. The idea of world without books is absolutely terrifying. I adore books. When I have a bad day, when I’m sad, when I’m angry or stressed, books make me feel better. Always. And that’s one of reasons why I adore them. The other one is you can just turn your brain off, let all your thoughts go away and go to other, mostly amazing, world of your fantasy. And the best thing is everyone has different world – you can read the same book, but you’ll never have the same thoughts of the world inside book like me. And that’s it. That’s why I adore it… but still, these are just two or three reasons of billions and billions, ’cause books and I, that’s a really long topic.
Maybe I should tell you about my most favourite book, although it’s very difficult. I have a lot of books I adore and a lot of books which mean something to me, but there’s one book, which is the most legendary and I think that’s the book, which broke my reading ices – I mean after this book, I started to read much more. And the book is… Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The legend. (By the way, I’ve re-read it like… a month ago. ^^)

What do you think? What’s your favourite book? Why?


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