DW: In the forest of the Night


It’ll be very quick, so I’m sorry, so sorry.

So, In the forest in the Night. Clara, Danny and kids from the Coal Hill School are on the trip. When they wake up and exit the building, they find a forest. Everywhere. But the forest wasn’t there before, because they’re in the centre of London. The forest grew up overnight. People want to destroy the forest (it’s all over the planet Earth) and some very strange things are happening here. The Doctor decides exit the planet, because he thinks he can’t do anything to save the planet, but when he exits, he find out that trees are not attacking, but they’re protecting Earth. There’s such a big solar flare and it goes toward Earth. It burns a lot of oxygen, but trees makes more and so they save Earth. (I hope it’s meaningful.)

Overall thoughts

Weird, weird, weird. I don’t know what to think about it. Kill the Moon was more weird, but this is still very weird. Weird – I like the word. Weird. Isn’t it little bit weird? Okay. Stop it.

What’s new

Well, I think the new thing is the Doctor says he doesn’t know what to do and he exits. It’s kinda unexpected.

Favourite scene

When the solar flare hit Earth – it’s amazing.

Favourite quote

Something like…
The Doctor: “This box is bigger on the inside, have you noticed it yet, kids?”
Child: “There’s a forest all around, in the middle London, the box which is bigger on the inside can’t surprise us more.”


I still didn’t understand the “thing” with the girl and her pictures of future. (That’s maybe the reason, why I don’t like the episode.)

Did I cry?

Again not.

Rating /10

Well, probably about 5,5/10. Better diameter.


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