Lovely autumn day


Well, today, I spend almost whole day with my two cousins – Áďa (9) and Matěj (7). In the morning, they were soo annoying, so I decided to go outside with them. And it was really great choice, because we had an awesome time together. I didn’t tell them where are we going, so they were quite curious about that. After few minutes, I changed our way and we went into a small forest near our village. They asked me: “Hey, where are we going? Why are we here?” And I just grimaced and said “Well, I’m going to leave you here in the forest, kill you and bury you here.” I had a lot to do to keep from exploding with laughter, because they stiffened and said “Y…you… you wouldn’t do it. Do you?” And I was just like “Hmm… I’m not sure.” It was so hilarious to see their faces. I know I was little bit spiteful, but… it was funny. So after our trip into forest, we went to the shop. Only one single shop in our famous village. I wanted to buy some rolls and some drinks and well, you know children. “Veru, buy me this! And buy me this! And also this!” So I bought them some sweets and they were quiet and happy. So it was wonderful day. I also took some photos, but not much good.

mates_ada2 mates_1 mates_ada


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