DW: Flatline


Flatline is a very special episode. It all starts with small TARDIS and the Doctor imprisoned inside. Clara has to take over his role of savior and she has to solve the problem without him. Or, exactly, with him, but he’s just in the little TARDIS in Clara’s handbag. And what’s the problem? The people are missing and on the walls, there are strange pictures of bodies, which no one didn’t paint. Exactly this is the technology of some strange aliens, which have only 2D world and they’re trying to get into our 3D. And they’re exploring people’s body threw paintings on the walls. So, yeah, paintings are actually people – their parts. Sometimes it’s picture of their skin, sometime of their vascular system, whatever. The TARDIS have no energy to to return to his size, so the Doctor is absolutely without chance. But, you know, not at all. Clara charges the TARDIS, saves the Doctor and… that’s it.

Overall thoughts

I think it was very qualite and good episode. It was more adventurous, more serious and more… and don’t know how to formulate it. Well, this is the episode, after which you say “Hm, okay. Interesting episode.” and not like “Oh my goood! That was so epic! Please, let me watch it again!”

What’s new

The idea that Clara is actually the Doctor. We had Doctor Donna, but she wasn’t like “Doctor Clara” in Flatline. I mean in this episode, Clara was more important. And she showed us she IS important and she IS necessary.

Favourite scene and Favourite quote

Clara, my Clara. I chose well. – This scene was like slap to my face. Whaaat?

Did I cry?


Rating /10

Well, I’d say 7/10.


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