DW: Mummy on the Orient Express

The Doctor takes Clara on her last hurrah and he chooses very interesting destination – the Orient Express, most famous train on the world. But not just on the world, ’cause this Orient Express is little bit bigger and… in the space. As usually it seems really safety, but it isn’t at all. In the train, there’s such a strange monster, which only his victim can see. And this monster will kill you in 66 seconds from point you saw it. And the train isn’t just an usual train, but exactly, it’s laboratory. The Doctor and other experts are trying to understand this monster, until the monster is trying to kill the Doctor. In the last second, the Doctor says “We surrender!” and the monster stops. Now, everyone can see it and… well… it’s mummy. Mummy of a soldier. The mummy salutes and dies. In the end, Clara is going home, but she changes her opinion and tells the Doctor that Danny is okay with her traveling with the Doctor, what is not absolutely true, but… the Doctor is happy, Clara too and Danny doesn’t have to know anything.

Overall thoughts

Oh my God, that was amazing! This episode was the one I was most excited for and now I know I’ve chosen very very well. I’ve read The Murder in the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, so I was really curious about the episode. And it was… just… wow. I absolutely adore this episode and I think it was the best of series eight. I love the idea of mummy – I expected it’ll be some complicated expression, what will stop the mummy, but it was just “we surrender.” Lovely idea. And those references! Are you my mummy? And also the moment when the Doctor offered jelly babies. Ahh, I just love it so much.

What’s new

Well… maybe just the Orient Express in the space? 😀

Favourite scene

So it was certainly the scene, where the mummy saluted and finally “died.” It was quite emotional moment.

Favourite quote

I’m the Doctor, I will be your victim this evening. Are you my mummy?

Flaws in the episode

There were no flaws, I think. It was absolutely brilliant episode.


It was the moment when the train changes into laboratory. I was like: “Hey, wait! Stop! What? But how did it…? Hey! What?”

Did I cry?


Rating /10

Without hesitation, 10/10. It was the best episode of series eight, I’ve seen and I think one of the best of all Doctor Who. Oh… and I adore Peter Capaldi. I think he’s going to be my favourite Doctor. And it really means something, because my most favourite is Tennant and it is not simple to overcome him.

You can also enjoy the music – “Don’t Stop Me Now” jazz cover by Foxes.


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