DW: The Caretaker

The Doctor visits Clara’s school, Coal Hill (where also began the very first adventure of Doctor) and he become the caretaker here. He finds out there are some aliens in the school, so he makes a plan how to send them away. But, unfortunately, Danny isn’t very sure about the new caretaker, so in the evening, he stays in the school and he finds the Doctor with that alien and he thwarts Doctor’s plan. This is also the moment, where the Doctor finds that Clara is in love with Danny and not with the guy, that really looks like the eleventh Doctor, which was his first idea. So Danny, Clara and the Doctor have a quarrel, because the Doctor hates Danny and Danny doesn’t like the Doctor, too. So finally, the Doctor devises new strategy about the alien, but it fails. Then, here comes Danny, who saves the day and helps Doctor to send the alien away. So, finally, Danny is the hero.

Overall Thoughts

It was quite good, but on the other hand, nothing very special. Not bad, not awesome. That’s how I feel it.

What’s new

It’s again the new alien. I’m not sure about the name… okay, it’s Skovox Blitzer, I’ve found it. So, Skovox Blitzer is such a strange and weird alien. I think there was very few place for the alien, ’cause I think this episode was especially about the Doctor and Danny. I think Skovox was just a secondary line of the story…

Favourite scene

My favourite sceen? Well, probably that moment when the Doctor sees the man with bowtie, who totally looks like the previous Doctor and he’s like “Oh my God, Clara, I knew you’ll choose very good. He really looks like me. Oh, Clara, how sweet.” That was pretty awesome. I just laughed hard.

Favourite quote

Kelvin: Miss, what about our homework?
Clara: Who asks for homework? Amateur.

Flaws in the episode

Hmm… I think… well… I don’t know. I’m so lazy to think, so I probably won’t answer this point. Sorry, if you wanted to know.


It was probably the moment when I found out they’re in Coal Hill School. Because I saw the very first part of the first episode – I mean An Unearthly Child – and I remember it very, very well, of course. So I was like… “Hey, wait, is this..? Like a… wait, really? Is it the Coal Hill School? Yeey, lovely!”

Did I cry?


Rating /10

Like I said – not bad, not awesome. So I give it 6/10.


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