DW: Kill the Moon

The Doctor, Clara and Courtney (Clara’s student) land on the Moon. Or… they are trying, but exactly, they land on the spaceship, which falls in. So they are on the Moon and well, everything seems alright. Until they find cobwebs, which shouldn’t be there, right? So the Doctor is looking for something, what has made cobwebs and after very long time, he finds there is some kind of spiders on the Moon. But exactly, they aren’t spiders, they’re some kind of bacteries. He also finds that the Moon is actually an egg. Yeah, an egg. And it’s going to hatch. So there are two choices – blow it up and kill the Moon (which would be really bad for Earth) or let it hatch (which can mean something really terrible, ’cause we don’t know what is inside the egg). But the Doctor escapes in his TARDIS and left Clara, Courtney and one of the astronauts on the Moon, to make a choice. They contact the Earth with request to help and people decide to kill the Moon. In the last second, Clara decides ignore all people and she turns off bombs, so she saves the creature inside the Moon. The Doctor takes Clara, Courtney and the astrounaut back on Earth and they find out that the creature layed new egg – this means new moon. So everything stays okay and the Moon is saved. But finally, Clara and the Doctor have a second quarrel, ’cause Clara is very angry about his behaviour. And then she leaves the TARDIS and tells the Doctor he can go away and never come back.

Overall Thoughts

Weird, weird, weird. I like the idea of this episode – the Moon is actually an egg. It’s hilarious. But the rest of this episode was really weird. I don’t know what to think about it.

What’s new

Escaping Doctor. Because I’ve never seen the Doctor escaping before he saves the day. This is brand new and it describes his new dark character as well. But it also makes him more interesting and more favourite to me. In fact, I have to say I think Capaldi is going to be better than Matt. Or.. he already is. I like him very, very much. He’s amazing Doctor.

Favourite scene

Probably the one, where Clara leaves the Doctor. I’m not very happy about that, but it’s quite interesting and emotional. So… probably that one.

Favourite quote

Danny:  You’re never finished with anyone while they can still make you angry.

Flaws in the episode

Sorry, but it was all little bit wrong. But for example, what were these spiders? Bacteries? Really? How?


Well, probably the moment when I realised that the Moon is actually an egg. o.O

Did I cry?

Again no.

Rating /10

Hmm.. I said I don’t like it. So it means 5/10.


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