DW: Time Heist


The Doctor picks up the phone and in the same moment, he is in weird room with his companion Clara, cyborg Psi and strange Saibra. They have just one task – to rob the Bank of Karabraxos, the most impregnable bank vault in the universe. It seems really difficult, but they have some help from The Architect – their mysterious helper. Will they rob the bank? Why do they have to do that? Who is the mysterious Architect? Well, I won’t tell you.

Overall Thoughts

It was freaking awesome. I totally love this episode – it was better than Robots of Sherwood, and this really means something. I adore this type of episodes – little bit scary, little bit funny, very thoughtful and with surprising conclusion, which is playing with my brain.

What’s new

The Teller! It’s brand new monster, which is very very scary.  The Teller can find guilty in everybody’s mind and when he finds it, he makes a soup of your brain. Yeah, really. Defence is simple: clear you mind and don’t think. Just don’t think. (Okay – don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t think – so what the hell can I do, Moffat?)

Favourite scene

My most favourite scene is probably when the gang destroy the ground to get lower – into the vault. It’s sooo epic!

Favourite quote

I’ve got two and I can’t decide. So here they are:
“Shut up. Everybody just shut up. Shutity up up up!”
orSaibra:  So what are we supposed to do now?  What’s the plan?
Doctor:  I don’t know.  Well, the Architect set all this up.  It should make sense.  My personal plan is that a thing will probably happen quite soon.
Saibra:  Oh so that’s it?  That’s your plan?
Doctor:  Yep.
Saibra:  A thing will happen?
Doctor:  A thing … probably.

Flaws in the episode

I think the idea of “last of his race” is quite clichéd. (Of course… I’m talking about the Teller, not the Doctor.)


My biggest”what” in the episode was probably the second or third scene – when the Doctor picked up the phone and then, he was in that creepy room with these weird people. I did not expect it.

Did I cry?


Rating /10

Definitely 10/10. Well done, Peter, Steven and all Doctor Who Team!


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