DW: Robots of Sherwood

Clara always wanted to meet famous legend from Sherwood Forest. The Doctor accepted her wish, but he didn’t believe that this character is real. So they landed in Sherwood Forest and then, look who is here – Robin Hood himself. After a little fight between the Doctor and Robin, they attended an archery contest and they met Sherif. But, as they find out after, Sherif and his knights are robots and they are creating a “gold matrix” to repair their ships engines. So they finish work and the spaceship, controlled by the few remaining robots, takes off and tears apart the castle. Since Robin’s arm is injured (and the Doctor cheated during the archery contest), the Doctor, Clara, and Robin work together to fire the golden arrow from the contest into the ship, which is then able to climb above the atmosphere where it detonates harmlessly. So they save the day.

Overall Thoughts

I think it was the best episode of series eight, I’ve already seen. I’m absolutely excitied and I also think this peisode would be one of the best of all new Doctor Who episodes. Seriously.

What’s new

Well, think episode was quite different than others. It was more funny, more brisk… I mean it seemed more attractive and enjoyable. If I think about last episode – Into the Dalek – it was sooo different. Well, so this is probaby the point, if you see some.

Favourite scene

It’s truly difficult, ’cause this episode gives us a lot of absolutely amazing scenes. But I would say the best scene was on the archery contest. Or… maybe the scene in cellar, when Robin and the Doctor were arguing. It was pretty awesome.

Favourite quote

Robin Hood: You are her hero, I think.
The Doctor: I’m not a hero.
Robin Hood: Well neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be—he laughs—perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end. Goodbye, Doctor. Time Lord of Gallifrey.
The Doctor: Goodbye, Robin Hood. Earl of Loxley.
Robin Hood: And remember, Doctor, I’m just as real as you are.

Flaws in the episode

To be honest, that thing with golden arrow was really crap. How, the hell, could they hit the ship, when Robin had a broken arm, Clara can’t fire and so the Doctor, because he was cheating? Sorry, but… seriously?!


Altrough I think about it very hard, I do not know about any big “whaat” in the episode. Well, maybe just a little “what” – it was when there was “Way: The Promise Land.” But this is connected to Missy and the last “whaaat” was just for her.

Did I cry?

No, no. But the end (between Robin and the Doctor) was little bit emotional – or maybe I should say inspirating. I mean… you know, something like that.

Rating /10

I give it… 9,5/10.


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