Things I can’t live without #1


In my life, there are some things that make me happy. They’re mostly common things which I use every day, but they mean something to me. Something very important. I would say I can’t live without them. Well, I decided tell you about these things and show you something more about me, because I think these things describe my character much more than words can do.
First thing I want to mention is my watch. I got it when I was a little child as a birthday present, I think. Now, I’m nearly fifteen and I still wear it. It’s black with some pink flowers and it’s quite broken for all these years. The dial still works, but the strap looks like it will burst very, very soon. My friends usually say “Why don’t you buy new watch?” and I’m like “Don’t ask me, you won’t understand.” I can’t describe it. The watch means really much for me. It accompanied me a lot of years of my life and it’s not so simple just blow it. So I’m still wearing my childish watch with pink flowers and I’m not ashamed of it – I’m proud of it! So, please, don’t ask me these stupid questions – I’ll wear my watch until it won’t be definitely broke -> so much I’ll not be able to wear it.


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