30DDC: Day 20

Here comes already 20th day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 20: Favourite writer

At first I wanted to write that my favourite writer is Russell T. Davies, but then I found out, that most of my favourite episodes wrote Steven Moffat. I wanted to choose RTD, because he was the main writer in my favourite era – I mean era of David Tennant, but actually he wrote just 3,5 episodes from my 14 favourites. And this is really few.

Here is list of my favourite episodes and their writers:

The Empty Child (01×09) – Steven Moffat
The Parting of Ways (01×13) – Russell T. Davies
Tooth and Claw (02×02) – Russell T. Davies
The Girl in the Fireplace (02×04) – Steven Moffat
The Shakespeare Code (03×02) – Gareth Roberts
Blink (03×10) – Steven Moffat
Silence in the Library (04×08) – Steven Moffat
Waters of Mars (04×16) – Russell T. Davies
Amy’s Choice (05×07) – Simon Nye
Vincent and the Doctor (05×10) – Richard Curtis
A Good Mar Goes to War (06×07) – Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat, Malcolm Hulke, Gerry Davis, Kit Pedler, Robert Holmes
The Girl Who Waited (06×10) – Tom McRae
The Snowmen (07×00) – Steven Moffat
A Town Called Mercy (07×03) – Toby Whithouse

So, Steven Moffat wrote most of my favourite episodes and this makes him my most favourite writer. You know, Moffat has got a lot of haters, but on the other hand, he’s got a lot of “lovers”. I think he has got really qualite stories and it’s all absolutely awesome. But! Sometimes, he has got episodes, which are totally crazy, weird, complicated and… just that. Let’s see, what he wrote for season eight.

And then, here is one picture that always make me laugh. 😀



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