30DDC: Day 19


Here comes 19th day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 19: Favourite photo

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s only 11 days until premiere of new season! I can’t describe how I am excited for season eight. It will be awesome! But today I have to write one more post from DW challenge, so here is it.

God, I have too much favourite photos from DW… well, I’ll just choose first photo, which I’ll see in my file with photos. So this choice doesn’t mean anything special, because this photo is just one example of all my favourite photos.


Yes, this isn’t regular photo, ’cause there is also some caption, but I think it’s really funny with this caption. 😀
Oh, and this is all for today’s post. I’m sorry about sloppy style, but I had very tedious and grueling day, so I’m happy I can just listen music and relax.


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