30DDC: Day 14


Here comes 14th day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 14: Character you like that everyone else hates

I think it’s Rose Tyler. Many people don’t like her, a lot of people hate her. But I think, she’s one of the best companions. Yes, of course, someone can say, that her relationship with Doctor was just unnecessary romantic plot that series just dropped. But I don’t think so. Relationship between Rose and Ten was different than other Doctor’s relationships – I mean with Martha or Clara (and I’m not saying I don’t like them). Rose met the Doctor, when he had appearance of his ninth incarnation and she fell in love with him. Then she didn’t trust him, when he regenerated, but she found out he is the same man. And she fell in love with him, too. So she didn’t love just his appearance of tenth incarnation, but she loved the Doctor like the person – of any appearance. Or this is just my opinion, right. ^^



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