30DDC: Day 12


Here comes twelfth day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 12: Episode that scared you most

Ohh, I remember it very, very well. It was clearly episode Waters of Mars.

This episode is one of the best of Doctor Who, I think. It’s special story with great idea and quality processing. And it’s very, very scary. I’ll tell you what is it about.

The Doctor is on Mars and there is first human colony. Doctor visits them and then he founds two members of colony, which are infected from something that is in the water. Infected people are wet and they’ve got something very ugly around their mouth, their eyes are just… blue-grey, empty, weird and scary. Virus is in the water in all colony and he continues to infect next members, but this is fixed point in the time and Doctor mustn’t do anything.
But we know the Doctor…

I was watching this episode at night (maybe about 1 or 2 in the morning) and I was home alone. So when I finished watching this episode, I turned off the telly and then it began. Darkness behind windows, scary sounds, steps in our empty house. I was worried like a small child. And then… I had to take a shower and I was also thirsty. But I remembered what Doctor said.

Don’t drink the water. Don’t even touch it. Not one drop…

So I didn’t do it. I didn’t drink and didn’t take a shower. And also didn’t brush my teeth, because water was everywhere and I was alone in empty house at this bloody night. What if there really is something in the water?! I went to bed and tried to not think about it. Few minutes later (maybe more) I fell asleep, thank god. Next day, I was already okay, but it was really horrible night.


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