30DDC: Day 10


Here comes tenth ^^ day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 10: Saddiest episode

It’s only twenty days until premiere of new season! I’m too excited! But now, there is tenth day of my challenge and today’s topic is saddest episode. Well, I really don’t like this topic, because I don’t like the idea of saddest episode which is on my mind. I think you know, what I mean, because my saddest episode is The End of Time, part two, where my favourite Doctor regenerates.
If the Tenth Doctor died normally, without much playing on emotions, I think I’d put up with it much faster. But this visitation of all his companions (including Rose!), meeting Ood, listening to Ood’s sad song, his memorable words “I don’t want to go” and tears in his eyes make it even much horrible – in right way, because it was really impressive. So this kind of end made me cry and this is why I chose it. I also thought about choosing Doomsday scene and famous “Rose Tyler…,” but Rose found happy end (in some viewpoint), so at all, it isn’t as horrible as regeneration of the awesome Tenth Doctor.


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