30DDC: Day 8


Here comes eighth day of” Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 8: Least favourite season

I thought I have clear about it, but now, when I’m looking on episodes from this season, I’m not sure. I wanted to say season five, but there are a few very good episodes – for example Vincent and the Doctor, which is one of my most favourite or Amy’s Choice, which is also brilliant. So, with a few exceptions, it is season five.

It was really difficult, every season has something good and something bad… I chose season five, because when I was watching this season, I didn’t acquiesced with the regeneration of the previous, Tenth, Doctor. I was still very sad and I had to persuade me to take a look at this season. I wanted to take back Tenth Doctor (and I still want 😀 ) so it was… complicated. At all, I’m not saying “I don’t like this season” but it’s just my least favourite.


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