30DDC: Day 7


Here comes seventh day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge. Allons-y!

Day 7: Favourite season

Seasons are like the Doctors. Each one has something special, something unusual and unique. Each one has something successful and something unsuccessful. And same as is difficult to choose just one Doctor, is difficult to choose just one season… wait! What am I writing?! It’s absolutely simple! It is as simple, as is simple to choose my favourite Doctor. So, my favourite season is season four!

There are incredible episodes, the best ones from all new seasons of Doctor Who. There is absolutely awesome relationship between Donna and the Doctor. There are a lot of emotions, a lot of fear, a lot of courage, a lot of death, a lot of life… and this is why it is my favourite season. It’s absolutely amazing, awesome, excellent, splendid, brilliant, wonderful and fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

There are the best scenes from this season:


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