30DDC: Day 6

Here comes sixth day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge! Allons-y!

Day 6: Favourite special episode

Special episodes are ones of the best episodes in Doctor Who. Especially when they’ve got Christmas theme. I remember some interview with David Tennant and Matt Smith where they were saying what they will miss. And they agreed, they will miss Christmas specials. So my favourite special episode was created for Christmas too and its name is “The Christmas Invasion!”

The Christmas Invasion is special episode for second season and it’s first episode, where is David Tennant like the Doctor. (If I’m not counting mini-episode after his regeneration.) This episode is very epic and contains a lot of my favourite scenes.
My most favourite scene from this episode is when Rose, Mickey and Harriet Jones are on alien spaceship over London and Doctor, drained of his regeneration is lying in the TARDIS. Then TARDIS starts translate words of alien, everyone turns to the TARDIS and here comes the Doctor with words: “Did you miss me?”

And there are some my next favourite scenes from this episode:


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