30DDC: Day 5

Here is fifth day of “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challenge! Allons-y!

Day 5: Least favourite monster/alien

I don’t like more aliens and monsters from DW, but there’s one race I almost hate. Cybemen.

Why? Because it’s just steel receptacle without any opinions and intelligence. They don’t have any goal and everything they can say is “Delete.” Sorry, but this is so stupid… Cybermen are a patch on Daleks sometimes, but I think Daleks are even much better. Daleks have some idea, they want to bring something off and their main goal isn’t just killing. Yes, they scream “Exterminate!” and they are killing, but it isn’t the same. Cybermen are killing, because they were made for killing. Daleks are killing, because they want to revenge. This is not the same.
In the other hand, they make the inherent part of this series and I don’t want to have DW without Cybermen. Well, I don’t like them, but they should stay.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. : )




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