30DDC: Day 4

Here comes fourth day of „Thirty Days of Doctor Who“ challenge. Allons-y!

Day 4: Favourite monster/alien

Hello, I’m here with my fourth day of this challenge and today’s theme is my favourite alien from Doctor Who. I’m glad for this theme, ‘cause it’s quite simple. There are hundreds of different aliens and monsters in Doctor Who, you know, so there is what to choose from. I have clear about my favourite alien and it will be Sontaran’s commander Strax!

It won’t be long text, because I don’t know what I should write. If you have ever seen Strax in some episode of Doctor Who, I suppose you know why I chose him. If you didn’t see it, let’s do it! This speaking potato is incredible character. He is really funny and his detective company with Madame Vastra and her wife is awesome. (I think I should learn some more words for “great, awesome, amazing etc.”) I believe you will like him and Strax will become your favourite!




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