30DDC: Day 2

Here is second day of my “Thirty Days of Doctor Who” challange! Allons-y!

Day 2: Favourite companion

Yay, it isn’t as simple as last task was, ‘cause I’ve got two favourite companions and I don’t know which I should choose. These are Rory and Rose. Oh no, I really don’t know! Rory is my most favourite male companion and Rose is my most favourite female companion – it’s difficult to choose just one. Okay, okay. I have to do it. So… if I can choose just one favourite companion, it will be RRR…ose! (Sorry, Rory. I’m so sorry.)

So, Rose. Why did I choose her? Well, she was first companion I have ever seen. I will always remember her and Ninth Doctor like my first meeting with Doctor Who and I heard you can never forget your first Doctor and companion. I must say it’s true. I remember it was in first series, where I said: “Oh my god! There can’t be someone better than this Doctor and this companion!” Oh, how I was naive. However, Rose stayed for another season and she met Tenth Doctor. And it was amazing! I totally love these two together! When I was watching Doomsday, I was very sad and I cried, but then I acquiesce in it and Rose stayed my favourite companion.

Few series later, here comes Donna. I must say, she was better than Rose, she was absolutely fantastic and I like her very much, but we know the end of season four. Rose is here again! My emotions were woken up and I was really happy for it. And then… there was next sad end on Bad Wolf Bay. Why?! Rose is definitely gone (with human Doctor :D) and Tenth is alone and he regenerates. Matt Smith? Nah. “I will never watch this stupid series again!” And, well, you know how I ended. Now, I’m waiting for new season with Peter Capaldi. ^^

This was my story about Rose and now, it’s time for next reasons why I chose her.
Rose showed Doctor human being. He felt what is to love and what is to lose someone. I think it changed him a lot.
She was always full of energy and she didn’t obey him. She was something like a rebel, blond rebel. And I like it! 😀


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