30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 1

Okay, it’s thirty days to the first episode from eighth season of Doctor Who. And I found one great challenge called Thirty Days of Doctor Who – you have to accomplish some task or answer some question every day until the day of the premiere. So I decided to make this challenge on my blog. I’ll make it especially english, because it’s global challenge, but sometimes I’ll add czech translation. It’s my first day of this challenge (because I suppose, I’ll see the premiere 24th, not 23th August). So… There is no need for wait, here we go!

Day 1: Favourite incarnation of  Doctor

Well, this is really simple task. I’ve got only one incarnation of the Doctor on my mind and it’s 10th Doctor played by David Tennant, of course. He is favourite Doctor of many people, he’s something like new Tom Baker. And why is he my favourite one?

Yes, you are, David! But okay, it should add some really good reason why I like him, right? So he’s my most favourite Doctor, because he acts really natural. David’s acting performance is wonderful and Tenth Doctor makes my idea of right Time Lord.

Did you miss me

His storyline is really attractive and Russell Davies made really great job on writing these episodes. Stories of his era have greatly contributed to my choice. I also like Moffat’s episodes, but I think it’s quite much complicated sometimes. Tenth’s storyline was quite simple, but still interesting, incredible and totally awesome!


The Actor. I know this evaluation should be about the character, his story and my opinion about him, but I can’t skip this absolutely amazing actor, like David Tennant is. His acting performance is incredible and I think he’s one of the best actors in UK. I love his Scottish accent, his “r” is really cute. He’s got amazing hair and very cool eyebrow. ^^ Also he is absolutely adorable and handsome. Absolutely. I can’t say not.

Oh, how sad moment. Other reason why he’s my favourite is he and Rose. I’m Rose-Ten shipper, so their relationship was interesting to me, and this devastating end in “Doomsday” made me cry.

Another sad moment, actually the saddest moment ever. He doesn’t want to go. We don’t want to let him go. So, David, don’t worry, you’ll never go away from our hearts. I can re-watch all new series and there will be second season of Broadchurch! So let’s chant: Tennant! Tennant! Tennant!




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