A review of Doctor Who


My friend recommended me Doctor Who about three months ago and now I’m really thankfull.
It’s sci-fi serial directed by more directors. The most popular are Graeme Harper and James Strong. Also there are many screenwriters – the most famous are Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat. Main actors in parts of Doctors are Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor), David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Matt Smith (11th Doctor). Main actors in parts of Doctor’s companions are Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Alex Kingston (River Song) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald). Doctor Who is continuing of legendary British serial from 1963. This “new Doctor Who” started in 2005.

It’s about the last of Time Lords, called “The Doctor”. He can’t die, because he can reincarnate and change his view and nature. Usually, he has got different style too. He travels in time and universe with his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and with his companions. He usually fights against his enemies and saves the universe. His biggest enemies are aliens called Daleks and also Cybermans.

A lot of Whovians (DW fans) are arguing about the best reincarnation of Doctor. Everyone has “his own Doctor” and it’s usually very different. I must say, every Doctor played really fantastic and everyone has something, that other Doctors don’t have. I mean… Ninth Doctor has got crazy (but cute!) smile and he’s very sympatic. Also, Ninth Doctor was my first Doctor, so I’m reminiscing to him in nice view. Tenth Doctor has got amazing hair and suit and he’s charismatic and romantic. Especially with Rose. Tenth Doctor is my favourite one. Eleventh Doctor is more like crazy teenager with cool hair and bow tie (cause bow ties are cool!). They’re really different, so it’s difficult to choose just one. But I chose… my Tenny. I musn’t forget the special effects too – when he’s on another planet or in the universe, this is really wonderful.

So it all, I think Doctor Who is the best serial ever. Sometimes it’s gripping, sometimes scary or full of action, sometimes romantic and emotive, sometimes very comic and funny. And it’s sci-fi at all. So it has everything to be the best.

And now, there’s place for my hall of fame. I really love David Tennant (10th Doctor) – his acting performance, messages and also his hair are genial! And with Billie Piper (Doctor’s companion), they’re together absolutely fantastic! (There isn’t better word fort this.) Let’s see it. You’ll be excited!


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